Wai Htike

Translator | Interpreter | English Language Coach |
Co-founder of Violets Myanmar, Asso. for Inclusive Education |
Sister, Daughter & Friend of awesome people

Love books, cultures, languages & sharing skills
Interested in human behaviors, empowerment & capacity building

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What I Do
Interpreter - Wai Htike

Translating / Interpreting

Translation is a hobby, Interpreting is a beautiful challenge! When I am put in the position to bridge between two languages, my ethical sense drives me to become a professional diplomat, involving in the process of maintaining good relationship between two different cultures.

Langauge Coach - Wai Htike

Language Coaching/Teaching

Teaching English to adult learners is a wonderful thing. I felt sense of satisfaction. Fun and sharing environment make everyone learn better! The stage of developing materials based on learner's needs is a hard part I enjoy most. I see students learn, engage and improve. I love the whole process.

Photographer - Wai Htike


Photographing – a beautiful combination of human skill and camera quality. When I see something through lenses, I feel art around me. I take photos when I feel like doing, when something is worth a memory, when I achieve something, or when something I see is just irresistibly beautiful.

Traveller - Wai Htike


Travelling? Yes! Yes! Anytime! Business trip or holiday trip? I am ready! Learning the culture of a new place is an fundamental purpose of the trip itself.

Volunteer - Wai Htike


Spending time following the heart, even if it is a few hours of involvement. You put people into comfort circle by giving merit-based smiles, time and passion. And you see them smile. You feel you have the whole world.

Coffee - Wai Htike


Coffee – an important part of my life. I like trying out new coffees, and enjoy taking photos of new cafés. One of my life goals is to taste the coffee around the world.

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